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Learn through play

The Teddy Padel programme works for all kids. A flexible format, plus a comprehensive curriculum allows Teddy Padel teachers to get students progressing at their own rate. Which equals happy kids.

teddy pedal

The magic of story-telling

Teddy Padel creates memorable experiences as well as valuable learnings, because we encourage kids to unleash their imaginations.

However you learn, you’ll learn with Teddy Padel.

See it

Engage with our teddy bear pictures

Hear it

Listen to our awesome songs

Do it

It’s easy to do now you’re familiar!

We our customers, and they us back.

“We finally found classes that work for him! His confidence is 1000% higher now.”

“My favourite part is hearing about what the teddies like to do, and then we get to do it too.”

“The kids ask every morning, is it Teddy Padel day yet?”

“I used to be scared, but now I’m the best in the class.”

“We can’t believe the progress he made since he just relaxed and started having fun.”

Teachers who care

Music, games, and pictures are wonderful, but it's the people who bring it to life. Kids love their Teddy Padel Coaches.

20 years experience

We’re the team behind Teddy Tennis and Teddy Sports World. Teaching kids sports skills is what we’ve loved to do for decades.

You're included

We want you the parents to be part of the journey. Teddy Padel keeps you up to date on your child’s progress.

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Teddy Tunes: our tracks are smashing.

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Teddy Franchises: they’re a game changer.

Join Team Teddy to get in on the future of kids’ sports education. Exclusive franchise territories available around the world for the right partners. Message on info@teddysportsworld.com or download our brochure.